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The Advantage of owning a Dual Zone Refrigerator

If you’re like us, and enjoy both red and white wine in your home then having a dual zone refrigerator may be the perfect fit for you.

What is a Dual Zone Refrigerator

Basically it’s a separate appliance that is made specifically to refrigerate your wines at the proper temperature in your home.  A Dual Zone Refrigerator is for storing both red and white wine at the proper temperature.  This option is perfect for different types of wines or sparkling beverage so as a wine enthusiast that wants to have their wine at the right temperature every time they open a bottle of wine. For instance, champagnes can be stored in the bottom half of the unit at around 45 degrees, and Cabernets can be stored above 64 degrees.

Featured Wine Refrigerator – Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

It is made by Wine Enthusiast who has nearly 35 years of experience designing products for people who love wine.  They specialize in creating exclusive products that improve your wine lifestyle, whether you are a new wine enthusiast or a true wine connoisseur. Our Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator creates the perfect environment for ideal storage and taste. A wine enthusiast knows how complex each bottle can be and how important it is to store and serve your wines at the right temperature.   For more details, see below: